I am unable to add products to my cart. The browser just spins and then times out. How can I fix this?
ADue to massive updates to pretty much every browser in existence to comply with security upgrades required by Google, some browser updates will require you to frequently perform full/complete cache clears. It is also a great idea to keep your browser up to date as updates are pushed on a continual basis. We highly recommend GOOGLE CHROME for shopping and getting the best user experience.
How much is shipping?
APlease go through checkout to get your shipping rate for your specific order. We apologize that customer service is not able to quote shipping rates.
I want free shipping. How can I get everything I buy sent for free?
AIf you are shipping inside the USA, just spend $25 on product and we will ship it FREE!
  • How long until my order arrives?

    That depends on shipping method and your shipping address. Domestic orders sent via USPS Priority typically take between 2-3 business days. International orders can take longer but often arrive within 5 days.

  • I am an international customer. Can you claim my parcel as a gift?

    Sorry we are not able to claim a parcel as a gift.

  • I am an international customer. Will you pay my duties and taxes?

    I am sorry that you have to pay taxes on what you buy from us. We wish we could help with those, but we can not cover import duties or taxes on your purchases AND keep our prices low at the same time.

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